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New technology

At Micron we are involved in the research, development and supply of agricultural and horticultural spraying technologies that offer both economic and environmental benefits to growers. The patented 'DropSpray' system has just been acquired by Micron having been initially developed by Benest Technologies.

What is the 'DropSpray' system?

DropSpray is a unique engineering innovation that uses droplegs to spray deep within the crop canopy. DropSpray has proved in many independent trials that coverage of the whole crop ensured by the DropSpray system optimises the use of agrochemicals, minimising costs and wastage. The DropSpray system can also be used for band spraying soil acting insecticides and herbicides.

How does it work?

Dense crop canopies (eg brassicas, potatoes etc) create severe problems in ensuring good coverage in the lower crop canopy which is the site of many insect and disease infestations. Conventional spray applications are a compromise between small droplets for best coverage and large droplets to reduce drift. The DropSpray system removes the need to compromise by using boom attached droplegs which work in conjunction with conventional boom mounted nozzles to give maximum coverage of the whole crop. It allows users to selectively target application in a wide range of crops to improve pest and disease control as well as reducing spray drift.

The DropSpray system overcomes the major disadvantages of machine/crop damage and poor attachment using rigid droplegs with a unique patented  bracket which allows the legs to float through the crop without causing damage.

For band spraying the nozzles on the dropleg are simply realigned to point downwards. This arrangement can be used to control problems such as cabbage root fly or for applying herbicides.

What are the benefits?


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